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Disposable Supply Services


The Allumed Supply Department offers services to those who have recurring needs for disposable medical supplies. By communicating with the physician and insurance carrier, the Supply Department is able to deliver medical supplies to each client on a regular basis, thereby easing stress and improving an overall independence and quality of life. Most major insurances accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.



• A dedicated customer service representative assigned to your account

• Reimbursement Expertise

• Drop ship program

• Knowledgeable staff to provide solutions and answer questions

• Extensive selection of supplies



Respiratory Equipment & Supplies:

•  Oxygen

•  Aerosol and Sleep Therapy

•  Pulse Oximeter

•  Suction

•  Tracheostomy


Urological Items

•  Indwelling,

•  In & Out,

•  External catheters and supplies


Incontinence, and Personal Care:

• Diapers, Briefs and Pull-Ups

• Bed pads and Wipes

• Ointments and Creams

• Gloves


Gastrointestinal Equipment & Supplies:

•  Enteral Feeding Pumps

•  Gastrostomy

•  Tubes / Buttons / Extensions


Nutritional Products:

•  Supplemental, Oral and Enteral Formulas


Also Available:

•  Diabetic Test Strips,

•  Lancets and Glucometers






The Referral Process – How We Operate

Allumed medical ensures you get the supplies you need, when you need them. We work closely with your insurance carrier and health care professional to coordinate the necessary paperwork and ensure you remain qualified to receive the supplies you need. For new clients the process is simple:


• First, your health care provider faxes us a prescription for the required supplies.

• Second, we confirm all contact information and insurance benefits.

• Finally, a dedicated Supply Coordinator (SC) be assigned to you and will schedule how and when you would like to receive your supplies. This SC will be your contact within Allumed and will be available to answer your questions, amend your orders and provide you with any information you need.

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